Rhino Run Wines

The 3 most promising solutions to rhino poaching

How can we save the rhino?

We need to stop the slaughter of our rhinos. Rhinos are being poached for their ivory horns, which are more valuable than gold in Southeast and Far East Asia. Here are the top 3 solutions that experts have devised.

Hand sealing 1215 bottles

What does it take to hand-seal and label a limited run of 1215 bottles of wine? It’s all in a day’s work for Jared September, the specialist hand-sealer at Van Loveren Family Vineyards. Jared carefully sealed each of the numbered 1.5 l bottles of The Last One, one for each of the rhino’s poached in […]

Anton & George walk for rhinos & rangers

When we ran into Anton Fouché on the N1 near Worcester yesterday, it was hard to believe that he had just walked 1400km pulling George, a life sized replica of a rhino, on a little bicycle-wheeled cart. He was in fine spirits and still eager to engage in conversation about the passion that lead him […]

Raise a glass to the legends

Royal Rhino and Rhino Run Wines was inspired by the Player Ntombela conservation partnership to raise funds for rhino conservation

Introducing Rhino Run, a range of South African wines created to fight rhino poaching through funding education and conservation. Royal Rhino and Van Loveren Family Vineyards have pooled their resources to create the Rhino Run wine range in an effort to raise funds and awareness for rhino conservation. Royal Rhino is a registered and audited […]