Rhino Run Wines


Chenin Blanc

Introducing Rhino Run’s medium-bodied Chenin Blanc, a tribute to the noble White Rhino. With a dedication to preserving the majestic species, this wine encapsulates the essence of the wild with its delightful aromas of peaches and lingering floral notes.

This fresh and fruity Chenin Blanc isn’t just about the exquisite taste; it’s a culinary companion, enhancing the flavours of vegetable dishes, salads, and pairing seamlessly with the delicate essence of fish.


Red Blend

The aroma is a tantalising blend of dark berries, subtle refreshing fruit notes, and a hint of oak, creating an inviting bouquet that promises a memorable tasting experience.

Enjoy it with succulent grilled steak, or if you’re in the mood for something more comforting, pair it with a hearty lamb stew or a rich, slow-cooked beef ragu for a match made in gastronomic heaven. Ideal for those who appreciate the complexities of cheese, this Red Blend brings out the best in your favourite cheeses.