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The 3 most promising solutions to rhino poaching

How can we save the rhino?

We need to stop the slaughter of our rhinos. Rhinos are being poached for their ivory horns, which are more valuable than gold in Southeast and Far East Asia. Here are the top 3 solutions that experts have devised.

Is it black or white? Or grey?

Distinguishing between SA’s two endemic rhino species is by no means black and white. In fact, when it comes to the colour of their hides it’s pretty much all grey. A popular theory holds that the animal we know and love today as the white rhino was initially named by Dutch explorers or settlers for […]

Only 3 northern white rhino left

There are now only three northern white rhino left in the world. Nola, a 41-year-old female who was one of just three of her kind, was euthanized at a safari park in San Diego USA on Sunday. This leaves only Sudan, the last surviving male, and two females who live under constant armed guard in […]